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Thank you for visting. The public consultation period for our second online event has now closed.

The project team are now reviewing all of the feedback that was received on our updated proposals for Finance House.  

If you wish to speak to a member of the team, please use the contact details below.


Queensberry Properties had planned to hold their planned second public exhibition on Thursday 19th March, to present their updated proposals for the redevelopment of Finance House.

Due to ongoing developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus, Queensberry Properties has launched this website to host a live, online consultation event instead, with further details below.

The exhibition boards will remain online following the event on Thursday, to provide an opportunity for everyone to review and to send us any further comments, until Friday 3rd April.

Please use the chat facility on the top right of the site to speak to members of the team today. We’ll endeavour to answer all your questions or follow-up with you if you require any further information.

We appreciate this is not the normal format you may be used to and we wanted to thank you for your cooperation. Please stay safe and thank you.

FInance hOuse – our NEW Proposals

After a successful consultation with the community in February, Queensberry Properties and its design team revisited their proposals to incorporate the community feedback received. The information and presentation you’ll find below are the result of this, and after today we’ll continue to listen and review. 

Proposals for the redevelopment of Finance House include the part demolition and conversion of existing building and erection of new development for residential accommodation with associated business, commercial, leisure, ancillary uses, public realm, hard and soft landscaping, access arrangements, parking and infrastructure.

ABout Finance House 

Finance House was constructed in 1968, with a substantial extension added in 1978. The building is almost entirely of concrete frame construction, with the exception of a small area of steel frame on the fourth floor where this level was extended in the 1970s.

If the building were to be refurbished for office use today, it would be able to accommodate up to 830 office workers. By comparison, converting it to residential use will result in a reduced intensity of use and traffic, with only ~170 apartments including ~300 bed spaces being proposed in the new development.

At the lower levels the combination of the original building and the extension forms a donut shape in plan, arranged around a central courtyard. The lowest two levels of the building are car parking which, combined with the surface car parks total 166 parking spaces. The building was heated by a substantial gas-fired system, which will be replaced with a low-carbon equivalent in the development.




Finance House was developed in the 1960s for Lloyds Bowmaker, and has been underused for a number of years.

The site is now vacant, and being acquired by Queensberry Properties, an Edinburgh-based residential developer with a strong track record, to convert for residential use, including 25% affordable housing.

This second online exhibition forms part of the pre-application planning process and is your opportunity to learn more about our ideas for the redevelopment of Finance House and to help us shape the developing plans for the site.

Please tell us what you think by returning a feedback form below, or simply talking to us using our chat functionality, to help inform the design process before the planning application is submitted in Spring 2020.

Your Feedback So Far

Vehicle Access

What you said:

  • Strong opposition to the proposed access point to the basement car park from the end of Learmonth Crescent, on the basis of the quiet and narrow nature of this cul-de-sac street.

What we have done:

  • We have moved the vehicle access point to the basement car park to the end of Learmonth Gardens, in recognition of the community’s comments. This will be down a vehicle ramp concealed behind the existing mature hedge on the site boundary.

What you said:

  • Concern about the level of parking provision, due to fears that residents of Finance House and their visitors will park in the neighbouring streets.

What we have done:

  • As an alternative to private car use, significant numbers of secure cycle storage will be provided on-site.
  • A contribution to the Council to allow for a number of City Car Club facilities in the local area will be provided.
  • All proposed car parking is in accordance with relevant parking standards set by the City of Edinburgh Council.
  • A Controlled Parking Zone already exists within the area, which will further help to manage parking in the vicinity.
  • All existing on-street residents permit parking spaces will be retained.

What you said:

  • Concern about noise and disruption during the demolition and construction process, and construction traffic.

What we have done:

  • Construction traffic will use the wider streets Learmonth Avenue and Learmonth Gardens for site access.
  • Demolition of the rear building will be done carefully on a floor-by-floor basis and a mist system utilised to manage dust. The front building will be netted to minimise dust and disruption.
Crescent Building

What you said:

  • Some concern about the height of the new crescent building and proximity to the existing apartment buildings on Learmonth Avenue.

What we have done:

  • We have moved the end of the crescent building away from the existing apartments by a further metre, and reduced the number of apartments in this end of the building.
  • We have set back the top storey of the building by half a metre to reduce its impact on neighbouring buildings.
  • We are not including any projecting balconies to the rear of the crescent building, to maintain privacy for local residents.

What you said:

  • Desire to see the existing hedges and trees on existing site retained, and to maintain/enhance the existing biodiversity and wildlife on the site.

What we have done:

  • Existing mature hedges to site boundary being retained, and all trees to boundaries being retained. Only trees being removed are those under the footprints of the new building work. Existing mature trees adjacent to Learmonth Court being retained.
  • Biodiversity of site is being greatly improved by new planting, including hedges, trees, groundcover, including flowering species, and lawn.
Pedestrian Thoroughfares

What you said:

  • A desire for Learmonth Crescent to remain a cul-de-sac and not see an increase in vehicle traffic and pedestrian footfall.

What we have done:

  • Omitted potential pedestrian route through to Learmonth Gardens and retained this as a quiet cul-de-sac street, in recognition of the community’s objection.
  • Omitted potential steps up to Orchard Brae, to retain this as a quiet cul-de-sac street, in recognition of the community’s objection.


Incorporating these changes, we’re excited to share our vision for Finance House. Please download the exhibition boards to view the complete set of changes. 


About Us

Queensberry Properties delivers innovative, high quality residential and mixed use projects across Edinburgh and Scotland.

A joint venture between award winning housebuilder, Cruden Homes (East) Ltd, and Buccleuch Property, Queensberry is proud of our ethos of flexibility and creativity, which lie at the heart of our business practices.

Each Queensberry development is entirely bespoke and is selected on the merits of its location and suitability. No two developments are the same, ensuring continuous product innovation and unique, high quality properties for our customers time after time.

Queensberry’s projects often involve the regeneration of brownfield sites, such as Finance House, to create award-winning places to live.

This can be seen at the Woodcroft development in the Grange, and are significant features of the under-construction residential developments at Bonnington Mills and New Waverley.


Thank you for your cooperation and for using this website.

If you are unable to access the exhibition boards, please contact Sam Edwards from CBRE on 0131 243 4164 and we can arrange for them to reach you by an alternative manner. 

For any press enquiries, please contact Alastair Stewart at 

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